Wild Spruce Tip
Wild Spruce Tip
Fresh flavor with a hint of citrus.
Type Food
Effects +50 Health
Source Fallen Mimics, Item Shop
Buy Price 45 SporeLargeSpores
Sell ValueN/A SporeLargeSpores
Health per SporeN/A

Item InformationEdit

Current Health Per Spore: 1.1

This item heals 50 HP.

This item can generally be bought from Madame Bristlecone's shop in Nidaria Section F.

List of RecipesEdit

In addition to being used in the Brewing of Pinefresh Fizzes (NG-only), Spruce Tips are also used in the following Baking recipes:


  • Spruce contain essential oil which is traditionally used to brew spruce beer and make spruce tip syrup; spruce trees are found in northern temperate and boreal regions

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