Wiki Poster
Wiki Poster
An acknowledgement poster.
Type Special
Effects N/A
Source Reward for distinguished Wiki editors
Buy Price N/A
Sell ValueN/A
Health per SporeN/A

The Wiki Poster is a poster given to honour the Wiki editors, working regularly and constructively to increase our knowledge. The poster is given manually by the developer.

The following is transcluded from User:Monchoman45/Wiki Poster Candidates:

This is a list of people who I believe deserve a wiki poster. Obviously, these haven't been given out in a while, but I'd still like to put this up here for when these posters are given out again. Also, this an extension of my user page because I don't want changes of this page to show up in Wikia's gadgets for recent changes, and I don't want it to show up on page counts or maintenance reports. Any questions about this list can be asked on my talk page, Plok's talk page, or on the talk page of any other Admin.

Note: I don't know all the people who have gotten this poster. So I'll probably end up listing people who already have one. And most of these people probably don't play anymore.

Another Note: These are Wikia usernames, not necessarily Kong Usernames. However, I think most or all of these people have the same name on Kong and Wikia.

How this list is compiledEdit

All users on this list have their contribs checked, or are known to have significantly helped the wiki (e.g., Rugi zz has his name on lots of the maps). All users with over 50 edits are checked for this list. Users with significant contribs may be put on this list with less than 50 edits, if they are brought to my attention/another admin's attention. Significant contribs are: a large number of Daily Maps, content related edits pertaining to important pages, creating or improving features (such as templates). Please note that having lots of edits does not get you on this list. Your edits must be useful.

List of people who should receive a poster and reasons whyEdit

People who were not included on the list with over 50 edits, and reasons whyEdit

  • Wikia (Contribs) - This is a Wikia bot. It is not a user.
  • Solprovider (Contribs) - Edits have little substance or are questionable information. Many of Sol's edits had to be corrected, due to disregard for wiki formatting standards, many typos, and unconfirmed, rumored, or simply false information. Needs to provide solid contributions, instead of opinions or hearsay. Would not consider for poster without a major turnaround in edit quality.
  • Simonwalvis (Contribs) - Many Edits, but a good percentage on his own page. Little work in content areas. Would consider for poster if more content-related edits were made.
  • Inkersplaa (Contribs) - Edits come from uploading pictures of Ferric weapons. This is helpful, but not broad enough. Would consider for poster if all weapons were uploaded.
  • Pure erock (Contribs) - Created incomplete pages.
  • Fizzmaister (Contribs) - All edits are to his own page on sidequests he has not completed.
  • Jamesrules90 (Contribs) - Edits are minor.
  • Flar3fir3 (Contribs) - Most edits are on the Wereworm page. Useful, but minor.
  • Lordbulb (Contribs) - Edits are minor.
  • Ljrules95 (Contribs) - Edits are minor.
  • Valcar (Contribs) - Useful edits, but not enough. Very close to poster worthy.
  • Sourgecko (Contribs) - Majority of edits come from mimic xp/room for Steamport. Helpful, but not broad enough in scope.
  • Poisonthewell (Contribs) - Most edits come from updating the total number of sprockets available. Helpful, but minor.
  • Kelitrex (Contribs) - Edits are mostly minor. Some are useful, but would require more to consider for poster.
  • TheDodo (Contribs) - Edits are all minor.
  • Jsmith45 (Contribs) - Mass categorizing images is ok, but not very useful. As a note: Mass categorizing pages is much more helpful.
  • CenturionZ (Contribs) - Many edits to own page. About half of edits to own page are sandbox edits, which are fine, but not enough useful work to consider for poster. Needs more work in content areas.
  • Aragnan (Contribs) - Approx. half of his edits were made while attacking Userboxes.

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