• Brief: Collect 40 Wallworm Prolegs for Cypress
  • From: Cypress
  • Location: Etherea
  • Prerequisites: CY0038 completed, 1 Wallworm killed.
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: I'm looking for some specimens of the Wallworms in the Hatchwood Wilds, and was hoping you could help gather them for me. Do you have time to help out?
    I hear that the stubby proleg that it uses to climb is likely to be left behind when a Wallworm combusts. Try to collect 40 of these, and let me know when you've found enough.


Hello again,{player}.I studied the prolegs from the wallworms,and noticed that they have multiple hooked spikes on the end to grab onto the surface of a wall.It seems they function similar to what you'd see on a caterpillar,but thes hooks are much larger and stronger.I'll add this information to my notes on wallworms,thanks for helping out.Every bit of information helps give us a clearer picture of what we're dealing on the ground.Please take this Sprocket for your trouble!

  • Reward: A New Sprocket (Mimics of Hatchwood Wilds: Wallworm), 30 XP

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