Exterior: Lab Courtyard


Interior: Otto von Tesla

The Victory Lab is where Etherillium Tubes are forged using Etherite geodes.

As of 6/3/09, tube crafting is available.

Before version 0.?, Tubes ran at 100 geodes per volt. Therefore, a three-volt tube would have cost 300 geodes, a ten-volt tube would have cost 1000 geodes, and et cetera.

Each volt in a tube could increase your attack, defence, luck, skill, stamina or it could give you some HP recovery. You could only wear 3 tubes at a time and they worked for 15 minutes if all stats were maxed out. A range of longer lasting tubes with a life time of 6 hours were released.

The available voltages were:

  • 1-4 volt
  • 5-7 volt
  • 8-10 volt
  • 15 volt
  • 20 volt

The tubes with a life span of 6 hours cost 2400 geodes per volt. This meant that a two-volt tube would have cost 4800 geodes, a five-volt tube would have cost 12000 geodes, and et cetera.

The available voltages of 6 hour were:

  • 1 volt
  • 2 volt
  • 3 volt
  • 4 volt
  • 5 volt
  • 6 volt
  • 7 volt
  • 8 volt
  • 9 volt
  • 10 volt

Tube crafting now follows a different procedure.

Victory Labs is also the only place to sell glass bars and etherillium rolls can be sold. Glass bars sell at 100 spores each while etherillium rolls sell at 200 spores each.

Now at version 1.1.10 Edit

In the newest version, the tubes last forever, as long as you are Nidarian Guard.


Here is the normal screen when you enter the area fro tube crafting

The tube voltages are now:

  • 1 Volt
  • 2 Volt
  • 3 Volt
  • 4 Volt
  • 5 Volt

Each volt gives a stat boost of +1. (example: 5 volt gives +5, 3 volt gives +3)

And the costs are now:

  • 1 Volt = 20 of the ore + 400 Etherite Geodes
  • 2 Volt = 35 of the ore + 700 Etherite Geodes
  • 3 Volt = 60 of the ore + 1200 Etherite Geodes
  • 4 Volt = 100 of the ore + 2000 Etherite Geodes
  • 5 Volt = 150 of the ore + 3000 Etherite Geodes

All the tubes are made from Iron, Copper, Tin, Gold, Zinc, and Silver ores.

Here is an attached picture to show the Main screen when you enter the tube crafting area.

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