100% of this article is only for Nidarian Guards.

In-game components mentioned in this article can only be accessed by current Nidarian Guards. Nidarian guards are the paying members of Remnants of Skystone.

Cody Location

Red dot is Cody's location.

  • Brief: Trailblaze with 5 different Crags.
  • From: Cody
  • Location: Trailblazing
  • Prerequisites: Nidarian Guard, Ridgeback Highlands cleared
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: I used to be known for my rowdy times on Trailblazing Missions, {player}. Them Rooks, they're so used to partnering with other Aeronauts, that throwing a Crag into the mix really made things interesting. That look on their faces when they're jetting along and I swing right past 'em, priceless! Well, technically speakin' ya can't see their faces behind them masks, but you get what I mean.
    Anyhow, how's about finding some other Crags for some Trailblazing, to get a taste of what it was like when ol' Cody was out and about? It'd also do them Crags some good to get out there with their brethren.
    Now go find yerself 5 different Crags, check about in Nidaria or just talk to ol' Driscoll. Though you know him, he's liable to get too enthusiastic and partner ya with a Ferric or Aeronaut instead.. but might be worth a try if it's slim-pickin's in town!
  • Reward: 8 Brass

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