AH stands for After Haze, the time after the Skystone fell to the planet. BH stands for Before Haze, the time before the Skystone fell to the planet.

Because of the current manner in which the calendar works, it is assumed that 0 AH is equivalent in time to 1800 CE in our time. Because of that, the current day would be August 21, 217 AH.


1 AH Edit

  • The Skystone falls to the planet, fracturing into four pieces.

15 AH Edit

  • Admiral Chivington, signs the Ferric Removal Act. This act started a campain against the Ferric tribes that inhabited the lush foothills of the Turquoise Mountains.

26 AH Edit

  • Start of creation of the dirigible city of Nidaria.

31 AH Edit

  • Nidaria is launched. It contains 2 decks, one of which being the Main Dock. Currently, it is 186 years old.

66 AH Edit

  • Additional decks are added to Nidaria, nearly doubling its size.

105 AH Edit

  • The Westwood Family arrives in Nidaria, they use their wealth to create the Westwood Estates.

111 AH Edit

  • Westwood Estates begins the first commercial float construction under the direction of Theo Westwood.

114 AH Edit

  • 09/24 - Madame Bristlecone born. She is currently 102 years old and runs the item shop in Nidaria.

139 AH Edit

  • Gretchen Hardy born, mother of Lucas and Amelia Hardy. She is currently 78 years old.

154 AH Edit

  • The original Veruna was built. It was piloted later by Captain Reynolds, then by Captain Mick.

159 AH Edit

166 AH Edit

  • 04/12 - Lucas Hardy born. He is currently 51 years old.

171 AH Edit

  • 08/28 - Amelia G. Hardy born, later takes the name Captain Meelie. She is currently 45 years old.

181 AH Edit

186 AH Edit

187 AH Edit

  • 4/15 - Beatrix Hypatia is born. She is currently 30 years old and is on her 2nd year at the Elite College of Electroneers. As part of her curriculum, she has taken up an an internship at Victory Labs to do field research.

190 AH Edit

192 AH Edit

  • Amelia G. Hardy applies for airship license, is later promoted to a Nidarian waste management ship.

194 AH Edit

196 AH Edit

199 AH Edit

  • Veruna II launched. It has been in service for 18 years.

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