• Brief: Collect 35 Swampfoot Toes for Cypress
  • From: Cypress
  • Location: Etherea
  • Prerequisites: CY0012 completed, 1 Swampfoot killed.
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: I've been curious about these Swampfoot Mimics that are plaguing the Wilds. They look vaguely like frogs, but grow to massive proportions and are very territorial. I'd like to learn more about them.
    In some cases, one of the toes is left behind when a Swampfoot combusts. If you could collect 35 of these and bring them back to study, it would help out a great deal. Let me know when you've found them!
  • Reward: Swampfoot Shirt, A New Sprocket (Mimics of Hatchwood Wilds: Swampfoot), 30 XP

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