• Brief: Collect 40 Stonehog Fists for Cypress
  • From: Cypress
  • Location: Copperstone Mine
  • Prerequisites: CY0055 completed, 1 Stonehog killed.
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: I'm sure you've seen those Stonehog Mimics in the Copperstone Mines that carry a stash of stones that they throw at you. I was hoping to learn more about these creatures... could I ask you to help out once again?
    The fist it uses to throw the rocks is likely to be left behind when the Mimic combusts, so try collecting these to see if we can learn anything from them. Try to gather 40 of these, and let me know when you've found enough!
  • Reward: A New Sprocket (Mimics of Ridgeback Highlands: Stonehog), 30 XP

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