Type: Clothes
# of Pieces 4
Full List: Body Armor 1
Leg Armor 1
Boots 1
Helmet 1
Store: Clothing Emporium
Dates Available: unknown
Style: Armor resembling a steampunk knight
Related Brands unknown

The Steamtank clothing set can be purchased at Lana Westwood's Clothing Emporium. It is similar in design to the Crimson Tank clothing set.

Clothing Edit

Body Armor 1Edit

Steamtank Body Armor 1
SporeLargeSpores: --
BrassCoin Brass: 1500

Boots 1Edit

Steamtank Boots 1
SporeLargeSpores: --
BrassCoin Brass: 500

Helmet 1Edit

Steamtank Helmet 1
SporeLargeSpores: --
BrassCoin Brass: 2000

Leg Armor 1Edit

Steamtank Leg Armor 1
SporeLargeSpores: --
BrassCoin Brass: 1000

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