As of version 0.8, most Mimics drop a default set of items.

A list of the items the Mimics may drop follows:


Supply Items


Coal is an exception, since it's just dropped by certain Mimics

Percentages of DropsEdit

Normal chances of drops are the followings:

  • 75% of dropping Spores.
  • 5% of dropping Fruits (0.45% chance of each individual item)
  • 5% of dropping any Ore
  • 5% of dropping another type of Supply Item
  • 10% of extra chances of dropping a specific Ore or Supply Item (depending on monster type; there are 4 Mimics for each item)

If an enemy hasn't a specific item, the chances of dropping Spores increase to 85%.

The amount of dropped spores is influenced by player's Luck; also Luck increases the chances to receive non-spore items.

Spore drops on tougher enemiesEdit

As of version 1.1, enemies are allowed to drop more than 3 spores:

  • If the enemy has 475 or more health, it'll drop max 6
  • If the enemy has 325 or more health, it'll drop max 5
  • If the enemy has 175 or more health, it'll drop max 4

List of specific items Mimics dropEdit

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