EXP/CP at level 1*: 5
Health: 4 hits*
Attack at level 1*: 10
Defense: 0
Drops: 11 Geodes
Locations: Co-op Trailblazing
Notes: None.
XP per Health: Could not calculate

The Sporejaw is a fungus that is only found in Co-op trailblazing missions. It protects itself under an umbrella-shaped jaw while on the ground. The leaf on top of the Sporejaw tells you if it is about to open or close. When it springs up, the pink sac of Haze is vulnerable to attack.


Tips & AttacksEdit

Try to stay away from the Sporejaw's core because when it closes, it will hurt you. The sporejaw's haze sac begins to darken when it closes, so it is useful to pay attention the the haze sac.


Attack it.


Attack it. It is not possible to divebomb it, but the tumble after a divebomb can. Use the tumble roll attack if you have enough space behind you.

Note that NG Ferrics can use a downwards charge attack to damage the sporejaw without taking damage themselves.


Stand there and whip it.


You can use a downward Charge attack or normal downward attack to hit these from above, through the cap.

Additional InformationEdit

Sprocket DataEdit

There are currently no sprockets containing information about the Sporejaw.

Quest RelevanceEdit

There are no quests concerning the Sporejaw.

Trophy FarmingEdit

The Sporejaw awards no trophy.

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