Skystone 101 Spores

Spore sprocket image.

Spores (SporeLarge) are the currency used in Nidaria as a free alternative to Brass, though things costing only a few brass cost several thousand spores. As of beta, the stores have opened and players can now buy food, furniture, clothing, Etherillium Tubes and many other necessities for their characters.

Spores are dropped by most mimics, at a rate of 1-6 spores per kill, though none will drop if another item is dropped. Some mimics that don't fight back don't drop any spores. For example, the Dewdrop Fungus dropped by the Dewdrop mimic do not drop anything when killed. Also, Watergrubs and Embermites do not drop anything if they are killed. Boss monsters will drop approximately 12-15 spores. Some items in the game (such as rolls) can be sold for spores.

Spores drops are influenced by luck; the higher the luck, the higher the chance to drop an higher amount of them. On the other side, since luck also influences the drop rates of the other items too, the player will find that it becomes less frequent for enemies to drop spores.

As of version 1.1, the maximum amount of spores an enemy can drop at once is influenced by the enemy's hp according to this chart:

  • If the enemy's health is lower than 124, it can drop up to a maximum of 3 spores;
  • If the enemy's health is between 125 and 274, it can drop up to a maximum of 4 spores;
  • If the enemy's health is between 275 and 424, it can drop up to a maximum of 5 spores;
  • If the enemy's health is higher than 425, it can drop up to a maximum of 6 spores.

Spore farming routeEdit


Red line shows the best spore farming route.

The map on the right presents the best spore farming route. This route contains multiple low HP mimics such as Slugrats, Batowls and Pidgefly, which are usually killed in one hit at low levels. This makes farming spores on this route much faster than elsewhere.

Just go back and forth along this route. If you're low on health, you can always go to to Sewer Entrance checkpoint.

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