100% of this article is only for Nidarian Guards.

In-game components mentioned in this article can only be accessed by current Nidarian Guards. Nidarian guards are the paying members of Remnants of Skystone.

The Spectra Circuit is a Nidarian Guard exclusive feature that increases a player's Stats by plugging Etherillium Tubes into the circuit's sockets, which require 'Circuit Points' to create. A Nidarian Guard member gets 1 Circuit Point for each Experience Point (up to 10 per mimic) he or she earns by killing enemies.

How to use the Spectra CircuitEdit


The Spectra Circuit

1000 Circuit Points must be used to create a 1 Volt socket, which Tubes can then be inserted into. The sockets can be upgraded to take more volts, requiring 500 + (500 * voltage) Circuit Points to upgrade. All sockets must be next to each other in the grid, or some sockets will not count as part of the Circuit. Sockets can also be downgraded 1 volt, for a 50% refund to the Circuit Points. Even if the grid has 44 total holes, the system allows to put at most 30 sockets, and they all have to be connected with each other (it's not possible to have 2 or more separated groups of sockets).

Tubes from 1 to 5 volts can be plugged into the Spectra Circuit. The stat boost depends on the colour and voltage of the tube:

A yellow 1 volt tube gives an extra point to attack whereas a orange 5 volt tube gives 5 extra points to defence. The exception is Health, which 1 volt increases Health by 10 points. Extra stat boosts can be added if certain coloured Tubes are placed in a straight line:

  • Green, Red, Green gives 10 extra points to Health.
    Spectra circuit

    A blank Circuit diagram. Copy this into paint to edit.

  • Purple, Yellow, Purple gives an extra point to Attack.
  • Orange, Blue, Orange gives an extra point to Skill.
  • Red, Orange, Yellow gives an extra point to Defense.
  • Yellow, Green, Blue gives an extra point to Luck.
  • Blue, Purple, Red gives an extra point to Stamina.

As well, placing two of the same coloured Tubes next to each other decrease both Tube's voltage as well as the corresponding stat.

More information is avaliable in the game's Spectra Circuit help menu.

Sample PatternsEdit

This section will include some meaningful patterns for the placement of the tubes on the Spectra Circuit. A sample image to make it easy for editors to make their own patterns is available here.

G94-y35-b35 sc

Spectra Circuit pattern used to maximize one single stat

The pattern shown in the image on the left is optimized to maximize one single stat; it allows to give a boost of +94 on the stat the player has chosen to enhance. The example shows how maximize Luck(+94) and boost Attack and Skill by 35; the Tubes must all be level 5 and the numbers show the boost awarded by each tube after considering all the modifiers. If the player would like to maximize a stat which gets bonus from complementary colours, it's enough to switch all the yellow and blue tubes with the complementary colour it needs (e.g., if the player wants to boost the attack stat, he or she has to switch all green tubes with yellow ones and all blue and yellow tubes with purple ones). The complementary stat increase will be +58.

Balanced Spectra Circuit Pattern

This pattern is designed to balance the Attack and Stamina stats with added Luck and Skill. The image on the right gives bonuses of +53 Attack, +40 Stamina, +35 Luck, +30 Skill, and has two free sockets remaining. To obtain these bonuses all tubes must be level 5; lower level tubes can be used, but will result in much lower stat gains. The two extra sockets can be used to boost any stat by up to +10 or a combination of two stats by up to +5 each. To boost Attack or Stamina place the corresponding tube in one of the black colored sockets. To boost Luck or Skill place the corresponding tube in one of the gray colored sockets.
Interlocking hex circuit

An interlocking hex circuit, made of two overlapping hexagons.

This is an interlocking hex pattern, similar to the one above, but with more room for color change and customization. The image is a pattern that gives +48 Attack, +50 Stamina, + 38 Luck, and +25 Skill, with one free socket. For best use of the extra socket, it should be placed on the sockets with no numbers. Placing a skill tube in the color indicated socket will grant +5 Skill and +1 Luck, and placing an attack tube in either of the color indicated sockets will grant + 5 Attack and +1 Luck. To change the boosted stats, a combination of 2 primary colors and 2 secondary colors is advised. Simply choose the primary color you want to boost the most and replace all of the Attack tubes with it. Then replace the Stamina tubes with its complimentary color, replace the Skill tubes with the second primary color, and replace the luck tubes with the second secondary color. In the picture some tubes can be changed to maximize individual stats, such as changing the Stamina tube in the middle of the Luck and Skill tubes to an Attack tube.
Bunny ears circuit

This is the bunny ears circuit. To prevent drains, the the tube in the center of the diagram (the 8) should be a secondary color.

This is a bunny ears pattern that boosts predominantly co op stats. It can be changed to maximize a certain stat, however, the bonus will be lower than the bonus on the above diagram of a completely maxed stat. The image on the left has +50 Stamina, +47 Luck, +30 Attack, and +30 Skill. Some sockets can be moved around to boost the Luck tubes on the outside of the large hex (the bunny's head) to +7 as opposed to +6 or +5, and some sockets may be moved to boost Attack tubes for greater efficiency outside of co op.

Co-op maxed SC

The circuit at the left is used to maximize your effectiveness in co-op matches. It adds +84 to skill and +45 to stamina, also adding +25 to defense. At level 40, using the rank 3 weapon with +12 atk, +6 skill and +6 stamina this circuit gives you 139 skill, 100 stamina.

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