Silver Ore
Silver Ore
Used to make Silver Bars and Stamina Tubes.
Type Supply Item
Effects Material for Silver Bars and Stamina Tubes
Source Fallen Mimics
Buy Price N/A SporeLargeSpores
Sell ValueN/A SporeLargeSpores
Health per SporeN/A

This item can be used in the Blast Furnace. 10 of this item and 3 pieces of Firewood can be made into 1 Silver Bar.

This item can be used by Nidarian Guard subscribers together with Etherite Geodes to make Stamina Tubes at Otto von Tesla's place.

Mimics Who DropEdit

All mimics have a chance of dropping this ore but the following have the highest chance.

Silver RouteEdit


The red line is the suggested route

You will find the best Silver farming route in Camp Calluna. The route presented on the right contains 3 Pidgebombers, 4 Stinkbirds and 6 Wallworms, all having high silver droprate.

Metal Ores
CoalCopperEtherite GeodeGoldIronSilverTinZinc

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