Shocksprite Eggs are marked by a red dot. The room with 2 Mimic Aeronauts is marked by a blue dot

  • Brief: Collect 15 Shock Eggs for Beatrix
  • From: Beatrix
  • Location: Ridgeback Highlands
  • Prerequisites: OT0009 completed, not working on Shocksprite Study (CY0062)
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: We've made an impressive find down here. Bandero Grit stopped in with these two stone-like objects that he found in the Mines, and they seem to be underdeveloped Shocksprite Eggs like you saw when you first went into the Mines! We know nearly nothing about the Mimics' life cycle, and this is the first clue we've had about their reproduction.
    Grit stopped in again earlier and mentioned there were more of these eggs scattered through the Mines, and I was hoping you could go find a bunch more for us to study.
    There's one thing I forgot to mention -- along with the eggs, there's also been a larger amount of Shocksprites found near the eggs. You'll have to be careful, but at least you'll have a rough idea where the eggs are. See if you can collect about 15 more, and bring them back here when you're done
  • Reward: New Sprocket (Mimicology: Lab), Mine Flooring

Otto von Tesla/Beatrix Chain

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