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Rook Reynolds
Rook Reynolds
Full Name: Rook Reynolds
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Unknown
Class: Aeronaut
Role: 3rd class Rook
Location: Steamport Sewers

Rook Reynolds is a 3rd Class Rook found in the Steamport Sewers who's trying hard to carry his weight. Unfortunately, he always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is training to become faster at escape from hazy situations. Rook Reynolds is famous for his homemade chocolate and Rook Maxwell, while trying to court Lana Westwood, sends you to ask Rook Reynolds for a gift of chocolate.One time when you are doing a Quest Enter the Sewers (MD0107) he can be found under a pocket of haze and you need to rescue him.

Some players find Rook Reynolds difficult to locate because he changes his location in the middle of a quest. (Note: Once you finished exploring Steamport City [100%] he should be two rooms right of the middle bottom checkpoint.)

After a time he can be found two rooms left (below) of the middle bottom checkpoint.

Rook Reynold's Sprocket is earned by doing 'Have you seen me Laces?' quest.


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