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Rook Edwards
Rook Edwards
Full Name: Rook Edwards
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Unknown
Class: Aeronaut
Role: 2nd Class Rook
Location: Steamport City - West End Ruins

Rook Edwards guards the west end bridge in Steamport City's West End Ruins. He is the Rook who opens the main bridge in Mission 1: Clear the Haze (MD0101).

Spice traders use this bridge often and it is his duty to ensure them safe passage. He gives the spices daily quests for Steamport City.

Sprocket InformationsEdit

From The Rooks: Rook Edwards:
The Rooks Rook Edwards

Each day, Edwards receives a new shipment of spice. He will share some with you if you provide him with an Empty Spice Jar which can be found within Steamport City.

Daily QuestEdit

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