A Rook in Steamport City

The Rooks are a class of Aeronaut NPCs who make up the Nidarian standing army. They are the front line forces and the first respondents to Mimic threats. They wear their Steam Jetpacks over their identifiable uniforms: generally all brown clothing with a gas mask. They are well-trained men, but sometimes get bogged down by military regulations and orders, which is why they turn to Players for help.

Sprocket "Skystone 101: Rooks"

Rooks are the prestigious army of Nidaria. They are the first wave of troops to enter new lands, and set up strategic checkpoints for recruits on the ground. They will quickly drag you to safety if the Mimics get the best of you.

The Fire BrigadeEdit

A special team of Rooks dispatched to the Ferric Forest to fight a forest fire, this group traded in their Blaster Cuffs for a Water Jet Rig. This is perfect for fighting fires, but renders them useless against enemies. During their mission, several Fire Fighters are chased by mimics and trapped in the Charred Forest and require rescue.

List of RooksEdit

  • Ridgeback Tramway (10 Members)

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