Blue square is Commander Owens' location; yellow square is the Riverfang. The red cross marks a closed path

  • Brief: Defeat the Returning Riverfang
  • From: Commander Owens
  • Location: Ridgeback Highlands
  • Prerequisites: SV0002 completed
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: I've got a serious situation down on the Blueridge River. A Riverfang Guardian has returned to Deadrock Canyon, and has made a new nest along the Blueridge. It seems the Mimics won't give up the area as easily as we thought. I need someone to head down the river and destroy this new Riverfang, and you seem to be the best for the job, since you've done this before and all. You won't find the Riverfang in its original location, so head down the Blueridge River and find its new nest. When you manage to defeat the creature, report back to me.
  • Reward: A New Sprocket (Boss Mimics: Riverfang), 100 Spores, 3 Corned Beef Rations
  • Notes: The Riverfang can be reached both from top left or following the river's stream from the right. It will appear in his room together with 3 Electrawogs and the usual Riverspawns.
    :If you enter the room from the top left entrance, and wait at the platform for a while the Riverfang will come to you. Just attack him from here, he won't be able to use his venoms on you and only his bites will attack you. To avoid the bites just continuously attack and you won't get any damage if he is blinking purple when he bites you.

Skylark Minor Chain

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