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the red line is the path to Riverfang, and the blue line is the path of the river. Black squares are places where the river stops.

  • Brief: Recover the Remnant at the Blueridge River
  • From: Deployment Officer
  • Location: Ridgeback Highlands - Deadrock Canyon
  • Prerequisites: ?
  • Objectives:
    • Defeat the Mimic Guardian
    • Recover the Remnant
    • Return to Mission Deployment
  • NPC: Thanks to the Banderos, the cable cars are up and running again. The crashed car has been removed, and now we can make our final press to the Skystone Remnant. We believe the Remnant lies deep in Deadrock Canyon, on the banks of the Blueridge River. Be careful as you travel, because one wrong move could send you down the raging river. The Banderos speak of a monstrous creature that lives along the banks called the Riverfang. Defeat this Guardian Mimic and retrieve the third Remnant! Good luck!
  • Reward: A New Sprocket (Skystone Remnants: Inscription), Bandero Boots, Ridgeback Highlands Trophy, 200 spores
  • Notes: Remember to unlock the River Checkpoint so you have easy access to the river if something happens. Upon unlocking this mission you gain access to the Secret Room, it is not neccesary to complete it first.

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