A map displaying the locations of all Pulleys

  • Brief: Find 10 replacement pulleys in the Gearlock Factory
  • From: Captain Meelie
  • Location: Gearlock Factory
  • Prerequisites: CM0003 completed
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: I think it's time to replace the pulleys on my airship. The sails have been increasingly more difficult to maneuver. I believe the ball bearings are shot. I don't want to bother Wystan with making new pulleys, so I was hoping you could find some replacement ones down in Steamport City. The factory used to have a good amount, and being out of the elements, they should still be usable for the time being. Do you think you could fetch me 10 Pulleys for my airship?
  • Reward: 10 XP, new Sprocket (Ships of Nidaria: Veruna II)
  • Notes: All of the pulleys are hanging from chains on the ceiling, and are guarded by Pidgeflies. Some may be hard to reach for non-Aero classes.

Captain Meelie/Lucas Hardy Chain

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