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The red line is the path you must take. The yellow square is the switch that starts the timer, and the blue square is the end switch.

  • Brief: Redirect power in Sewer passage
  • From: Deployment Officer
  • Location: Steamport City - Steamport Sewers
  • Prerequisites: Mission 7
  • Objectives:
    • Redirect the power
    • Return to Mission Deployment
  • NPC: We're detecting a large disturbance in the eastern branch of the Steamport Sewers, but we don't have enough circuits in the area to power another set of protective Ether Tubes. There's a western branch of the Sewer that had a circuit installed, which we'll need to redirect so we can power this new stretch of tunnels. Once you turn off that circuit, there's a good chance that haze will start filling that tunnel, so you'll have to escape back to the main Sewer branch. After being exposed to thick haze for more than 2 minutes of so, you'll be knocked unconscious, so better be quick about it.
  • Reward: New Sprocket (Skystone 101: Spores), Sewer Dresser, 200 spores

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