An optional path to quickly get 40 Pustosser tumors. In this you will hopefully gain 5 tumors per run.

  • NPC: We know that fungus produces the Haze that plagues us, but some Mimics also seem to use a form of Haze when attacking us. Are the Mimics capable producing it, or do they harness the fungus somehow to produce it?
    One of the oddest creatures is the Pustosser, which grows tumors on its body filled with Haze, which are then torn off and thrown at us- but you of course know that. I'd like to get some samples of these tumors to study them and figure out how their bodies could be growing these things.
    When a Pustosser combusts, it usually tosses off a few tumors, but occasionally one will land on the ground without breaking. If you could bring me 40 of these Pustosser tumors, it would help my research a great deal.
  • Reward: A New Sprocket (Mimics of Steamport City: Pustosser), 30 XP

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