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Each blue dot on the map represents a Quilltoad in that room. Notice that there is one Quilltoad in the top left corner of the room behind the bridge (circled in red). That Quilltoad is very easy to miss.


The red circle indicates where most people find the last Quilltoad. The purple circles indicate other spots where some people miss the Quilltoad.

Many people may have gotten stuck on this quest because there are a few sneaky quilltoads that many people miss. The last Quilltoad could be any of the Quilltoads on the map. Most likely, however, you have missed the Quilltoad under the bridge. It is circled in red on the map to the left. If it is not under the bridge, try the purple circles.

The Last Quilltoad PosterEdit

Last Quilltoad Poster

Infamous Indeed

A poster was also created to mock players having trouble with this quest and celebrate the infamy of the quest. You can buy this poster for 1800 Spores or 250 Brass at Wystan.

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