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You may be looking for: Paydirt, the furniture Brand.

Paydirt Summit
Paydirt Summit
The highlighted zone on the map is Paydirt Summit
Type: Adventure Area
Location: Ridgeback Highlands
Inhabitants: Banderos, Mimics, and Rooks

Paydirt Summit is an area of Ridgeback Highlands. Paydirt Summit is the first area in Ridgeback Highlands, and is first opened up in Mission MD0301: Repair The Tramway. This area contains a mixture of new mimics, such as Matterhorn and Cactigrub, and old mimics, such as Silksnake and Hazebug.

Paydirt Summit is the home of the Paydirt Tramway, a system buit in 12 BH that is used for Rooks to travel between Paydirt Summit and Deadrock Canyon. Players are unable to use the Paydirt Tramway yourself.

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