Temporary from 6/30/2009 to 7/6/2009

  • Brief: Collect 35 Tin Scraps This Week
  • From: Wystan
  • Location: Hatchwood Wilds
  • Prerequisites: Access to Hatchwood Wilds
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: I've just finished a new line of furniture with some nice hardwood bars, tables, and couches - maybe you've seen it already? Well I thought for this week only I'd give away a piece of this furniture for anyone who collects some scraps of tin for me. I hear that Hookbills have been scavenging scraps of tin from some faraway mines. Sounds like it's a high quality tin with few impurities, a lot better than the stuff we usually find in Steamport City and the Hatchwoods. So if you could hunt down some Hookbills and get 35 tin scraps for me, I'll hand over a section of a hardwood bar counter to you free of charge! If I was too generous I'd gotta go outta business, so only one recruit from your homestad can do this little errand for me, and you've only got one week before I stop this bargain. So be quick about it!
  • Reward: Bar - Inside Section

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