Yellow dot is Skylark Boone. Red crosses are blocked paths; blue path is the fastest path from the nearest checkpoint to reach Skylark Boone. Black dots are the 3 Mimicrags player has to kill.

  • Notes: Even if the description asks to check the bottom entrance of the mine, the quest requires the player to enter from the top. To reach Skylark Boone, the player will need to kill 3 Mimicrags in as many rooms of the Copperstone Mine. The player is able to return to a Checkpoint to heal and save between Mimicrag kills, but traveling outside of Ridgeback Highlands or dying will result in the quest being completely reset. Great for Spore farming - just die or leave Ridgeback Highlands after killing the Mimicrags and before returning to Skylark Vesper.

Skylark Minor Chain

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