Mimicology Quests are Sidequests assigned by Cypress that involve collecting a certain number of specimens (e.g. body parts) which are dropped from Mimics, left over from the burn-up process. Receiving a specimen is not certain when most mimics die so you may get other items; the exceptions are the special studies which add mimics on the ground.

The first Mimicology Quest becomes available after your character kills a Firegrub. After delivering the specimens, Cypress will need one day to study them before the quest can be completed. The "day" is a Nidarian day; you can deliver the specimens at 23:59 NT and complete the quest at 00:01 NT. The reward for most of these quests is 30 XP each and a Sprocket with information on the related Mimic.

After the first, studies are chained so each requires a previous one to be completed. Each also requires having killed at least one Mimic of that species to access the quest.

The yellow rows are a separate chain for Mimics only found on NG-only Co-op Trails. Non-NG players can receive these studies after killing one during a Co-op on the member-only Trails. The red rows are Mimics only found in NG Daily Quests and cannot be completed by non-NG players.

List of Current Mimicology QuestsEdit

Quest Name ID Related Enemy Specimen to Collect Specimens' Number
Firegrub Study CY0004 Firegrub Firegrub Head 30
Grabrat Study CY0005 Grabrat Grabrat Ear 25
Snapshell Study CY0006 Snapshell Snapshell Plate 25
Wallglider Study CY0007 Wallglider Wallglider Beak 35
Slugrat Study CY0008 Slugrat Slugrat Fringe 40
Hellhopper Study CY0009 Hellhopper Hellhopper Bone 30
Rockethog Study CY0010 Rockethog Rockethog Snout 25
Pustosser Study CY0011 Pustosser Pustosser Tumor 40
Catlick Study CY0012 Catlick Catlick Tongue 35
Swampfoot Study CY0013 Swampfoot Swampfoot Toe 35
Molecreep Study CY0014 Molecreep Molecreep Mushroom 50
Aurabora Study CY0015 Aurabora Aurabora Barbel 25
Hazebug Study CY0016 Hazebug Hazebug Glower 50
Boulder Bison Study CY0017 Boulder Bison Boulder Bison Plate 25
Rockrat Study CY0018 Rockrat Rockrat Claw 50
Electrawog Study CY0019 Electrawog Electrawog Leg 10
Pale Steed Study CY0020 Pale Steed Pale Steed Muzzle 30
Bulkskin Study CY0021 Bulkskin Bulkskin Pelt 30
Stinkbird Study CY0022 Stinkbird Stinkbird Tail 30
Hookbill Study CY0023 Hookbill Hookbill Beak 30
Black Recluse Study CY0024 Black Recluse Black Recluse Leg 20
Cactigrub Study CY0025 Cactigrub Cactigrub Spine 30
Hexaboar Study CY0026 Hexaboar Hexaboar Hoof 25
Bruinscale Study CY0027 Bruinscale Bruinscale Paw 20
Cinder Steed Study CY0028 Cinder Steed Cinder Steed Muzzle 25
Dewdrop Study CY0029 Dewdrop Dewdrop Plate 35
Blowgrub Study CY0030 Blowgrub, Firegrub Blowgrub Head, Firegrub Head 20, 20
Batowl Study CY0031 Batowl Batowl Wing 20
Crawback Study CY0032 Crawback Crawback Claw 25
Pinwheel Study CY0033 Pinwheel Pinwheel Tentacle 30
Clampbright Study CY0034 Clampbright Clampbright Pearl 10
Crescentwolf Study CY0035 Crescentwolf Crescentwolf Telson 30
Harpoon Study CY0036 Harpoon Harpoon Dart 25
Pidgefly Study CY0037 Pidgefly Pidgefly Wing 40
Stinkstrider Study CY0038 Stinkstrider Stinkstrider Wing 25
Wallworm Study CY0039 Wallworm Wallworm Proleg 40
Toy Recluse Study CY0040 Toy Recluse Toy Recluse Brow 35
Creeper Study CY0041 Creeper Creeper Pelt 25
Silksnake Study CY0042 Silksnake Silksnake Skin 40
Quilltoad Study CY0043 Quilltoad Quilltoad Quill 30
Jellywog Study CY0044 Jellywog Jellywog Tendril 30
Pugcrawler Study CY0045 Pugcrawler Pugcrawler Tail 50
Rockbug Study CY0046 Rockbug Rockbug Paw 40
Stinger Study CY0047 Stinger Stinger Arm 30
Snakehopper Study CY0048 Snakehopper Snakehopper Paw 40
Matterhorn Study CY0049 Matterhorn Matterhorn Horn 30
Windrunner Study CY0050 Windrunner Windrunner Glower 25
Webdangler Study CY0051 Webdangler Webdangler Tongue 40
Pidgebomber Study CY0052 Pidgebomber Pidgebomber Feather 40
Coaltosser Study CY0053 Coaltosser Coaltosser Growth 25
Stiltskin Study CY0054 Stiltskin Stiltskin Pelt 50
Hivehat Study CY0055 Hivehat Honeycomb 40
Stonehog Study CY0056 Stonehog Stonehog Fist 40
Mangler Study CY0057 Mangler Mangler Dangler 15
Haghost Study CY0058 Haghost Haghost Foot 25
Mimitaur Study CY0059 Mimitaur Mimitaur Hoof 40
Mimipede Study CY0060 Mimipede Mimipede Shell 30
Hackworm Study CY0061 Hackworm Hackworm Horn 40
Shocksprite Study CY0062 Shocksprite Shock Egg 25
Trenchfoot Study CY0063 Trenchfoot Trenchfoot Thorn 25
Packrat Study CY0064 Packrat Packrat Ear 25
Hovercroc Study CY0065 Hovercroc Hovercroc Tooth 25
Spitshot Study CY0066 Spitshot Spitshot Tusk 25

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