EXP/CP at level 1*: 4
Health at level 1*: 140
Attack at level 1*: 14
Defense: 0
Drops: Standard Drops
Mangler Dangler (quest)
Locations: Ridgeback Highlands
Notes: Damages as you float by in the water
XP per Health: 0.029

Manglers are giant fish-like Mimics that only swim in the Blueridge River of the lower Deadrock Canyon. They don't directly attack the player, and can only injure you if you fall into the water and get swept into them.

Tactics Edit

Tips & Attacks Edit

Aeronaut Edit

Currently, only three Manglers can actually be killed by Aeronauts, due to their inability to attack downwards. These three must be attacked from one of the rocks at the edge of a section of river, with the player simply ducking and shooting as the Mangler enters the screen.

Ferric Edit

Just stay on the rock and when the Mangler comes, divebomb it. When it goes on other side, divebomb it again. Repeat this to its death.

Crag Edit

These are very hard to hit unless you're on a rock by the water. If you are, then you can jump over them, use your downward flail, then land back on the rock and repeat. It is possible to use the ceiling grab/down swipe/repeat technique to attack Manglers in open water, but unless very careful, the player will often end up falling into the river.

Additional Information Edit

Sprocket Information Edit

Mimics of Ridgeback Highlands Mangler

From Mimics of Ridgeback Highlands: Mangler:

  • This aquatic Mimic patrols rivers, waiting for an unlucky soul to fall into the current.
    First Encounter: Deadrock Canyon

Quest Relevance Edit

Trophy Farming Edit

Mangler Locations

Mangler locations in Deadrock Canyon.

From the River Checkpoint, go one screen left. There are two Manglers in this area.

Crags: Get as close to the water as possible without falling in (example: Picture 1, Picture 2) and hit downwards. Advanced Crag players can stay airborne the entire time and swipe downwards.

Aeronauts and Ferrics: Stand on the rocks to the right and crouch attack (example: Picture 3). You have to get very close to the water though, so be careful.

You can either travel to Nidaria and back to start again, or float down the river and kill one more Mangler before leaving.

Mangler Trophy Farming
Mangler Trophy Farming Alt2
Mangler Trophy Farming Alt

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