Lucas Hardy
Lucas Hardy
Full Name: Lucas Hardy
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 04/12/166 AH
Class: Aeronaut
Role: Rook Scout
Location: Gearlock Factory (before CM0003)
Charred Forest (after CM0003)


Lucas Hardy (born 04/12/166 AH) is an Aeronaut and Captain Meelie's oldest brother. He tends to be a bit standoffish and is fairly distant with his family; although he cares for them a great deal. Meelie says he hasn't been the same since their father passed a few years ago. He's a Rook Scout who maps out areas and plans the drop points. Players find him while exploring the Factory, Charred Forest and Camp Calluna.

In the factory Lucas can be found in the large room directly below the westernmost checkpoint.

In the forest, Lucas can be found six rooms left (take the bottom) from the Charred Forest checkpoint

For Late Payment (SM0001) Lucas is can be found in Camp Calluna in the same room as Cliffhawk.


Sprocket InformationEdit

Captain Meelie Set, Lucas Hardy:

"Captain Meelie's oldest brother was born on 04/12/166 AH. Lucas can be a bit harsh with strangers, and increasingly distant with his family members. He's a Rook Scout that maps out strategies for potential drop points. "

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