Yellow square is Lucas's location during SM0001 sidequest.

  • Brief: Find Lucas and give him his overdue bill
  • From: Sycamore
  • Location: Hatchwood Wilds
  • Prerequisites: CM0005 completed, no active quest involving delivering a Letter (AS0001, CM0003, CM0004, MB0004, MX0001)
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: It must be nice being a new recruit. You get to go on wild adventures at your leisure, exploring parts of the world that haven't been seen in centuries. Well it's not all fun and games on my side of the desk. With all you new recruits signing up each day, it's making m work-load almost unbearable. The least you could do is run an errand for me. You think you can handle that? I would hope you could handle this. There's a Scout on the ground by the name of Lucas Hardy. Oh, you know him? well tell that friend of yours that he has an overdue maintenance bill for his float. Give him this bill and don't come back unless it's with his payment.
  • Reward: A new Sprocket (Ferric Bros.: Sycamore), 18 XP

Captain Meelie/Lucas Hardy Chain

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