Wallworm Hatchwood Wilds

Locations of wallworms

  • Brief: Collect 22 Stones from Wallworms
  • From: Lana Westwood
  • Location: Camp Calluna
  • Prerequisites: LW0002, WY0003 Completed
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: Well, to be honest, sales have been a little sluggish lately. I do try my hardest to please the customers, but if it's not the prices bein' too steep, then it's the selection bein' too slim. Well, my Pops always said, "You can't please everyone, Lana". Well either way, I need sales to pick up around here or else I might have to scale back my sewin' schedule. I need me some more Steadfast Stones! They should help turn things 'round. You think you could go wrangle up some for me?
    You should have no problem pickin' up 22 stones in the Forest. That is, unless those Wallworms have taken a liking to 'em, then you might have a chore on your hands.
  • Reward: 22 XP, A new Sprocket (Crag Lore: Steadfast Stones)
  • Notes: If it is not obvious already, Wallworms drop them, and the best place to hunt those are in the upper half of Camp Calluna.

Rook Maxwell/Lana Westwood/Telescope Chain

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