An image of Kreds in-game.

Kreds are Kongregate's virtual currency, and are used purchase the Nidarian Guard Membership, Brass, or Float additions. Item purchases with Kreds are no longer available. Instead, Brass is used.

To get Kreds, you need to pay with real money on Kongregate,and it is possible to pay by mobile phone, credit card, game card or through special offers.

Nidarian Guard membership

  • 75 Kredicon Kreds = 1 month
  • 300 Kredicon Kreds = 6 months (saving 150 kreds)
  • 500 Kredicon Kreds = 12 months (saving 400 kreds)
  • 1000 Kredicon Kreds = Lifetime Membership (Bonus: Exclusive Admiral Outfit and two Float Additions)


Float additions

  • 43 Kredicon Kreds = One extra float floor

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