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Today is day 62, Friday #9; April 28, 2017; 04:02 NT.

Today's Jars are Paprika, Vanilla, and Cocoa Powder. See today's daily maps.

Jar Location MapsEdit

The three links above are the locations of the 3 Empty Spice Jars for the Daily Quests from Rook Edwards, Leatherleaf and Bandero Skarn. The locations change every day at 12:00AM PST (Nidarian Time). Flour, Ground Pepper, Salt, Sugar and Vanilla are not used in non-NG recipies so non-NG players only gain Quest count and XP. Be sure to check the Baking page for more information about the recipes and ingredients.

Jar PatternsEdit

As synchronized by Hakdo and posted by vrdn22. Each area consists of a five to six day cycle.

Steamport CityEdit

West End Ruins Bridge Area / Steamport Sewers East Wing, West End Ruins Water Tower Area, Western West End Ruins, Steamport Sewers West Wing, Gearlock Factory [repeat]

Hatchwood WildsEdit

Thicket Woods, Lower Charred Forest, Upper Charred Forest, Upper Camp Calluna, Lower Camp Calluna [repeat]

Ridgeback HighlandsEdit

Western Paydirt Summit, Eastern Paydirt Summit, Copperstone Mine, Deadrock Canyon (x2) [repeat]

NG dailiesEdit

How to update locationsEdit


  • Download one of the following pictures; they are the maps for each of the three main locations of the game:
  • Open up an image editor (such as Paint) and mark the location of each mimic or item; then save the image
  • Upload your image on an external hosting service, such as Imageshack, Photobucket or imgur
    • Instructions for Imageshack and imgur:
      • Click on "Browse" then select your image
      • Click on "Upload now" (Imageshack) or "Continue" (imgur)
      • Copy the link (press Ctrl+C) from the "Direct link" row on the left
    • Instructions for Photobucket:
      • Log in to your album (or sign up if you don't have an account)
      • Click on "Select images and videos" and browse until you find your picture
      • Return to your album
      • Hover with the mouse on the image you just uploaded and copy (pressing Ctrl+C) the link from the "Direct Link" row.
  • Click on "edit this page" on top and change the link (paste it using Ctrl+V) for the image; also switch the date with today's one at the start of the page in correspondence to the area you just changed.
  • Feel free to sign your uploads by inserting ~~~~ after the date.

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