Iron Ore
Iron Ore
Used to make Iron Bars and Health Tubes.
Type Supply Item
Effects Material for Iron Bars and Health Tubes
Source Fallen Mimics, BG0001, SV0002
Buy Price N/A SporeLargeSpores
Sell ValueN/A SporeLargeSpores
Health per SporeN/A

Iron Ore is a supply item obtained from mimic drops. They can be used in the Blast Furnace. 10 Iron Ore and 3 Firewood can be made into 1 Iron Bar.

This item can be used by Nidarian Guard subscribers together with Etherite Geodes to make Health Tubes at Otto von Tesla's place.

Quest RelevanceEdit

  • 90 pieces of Iron Ore are required to make 9 Steel Bars for the sidequest "Rusty Razor Tips" (CJ0002).
  • 8 pieces of Iron Ore are one of the rewards for the quest "Mines in Darkness" (BG0001) by Bandero Grit.
  • 8 pieces of Iron Ore are one of the rewards for the quest "Mimicrag's Revenge" (SV0002) by Skylark Vesper.

Mimics Who DropEdit

All mimics have a chance of dropping this ore but the following have a slightly elevated chance.

Metal Ores
CoalCopperEtherite GeodeGoldIronSilverTinZinc

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