Black square marks the Hookbill which holds the Scout Bag, red one marks the First Aid Kit, pink one the Flare, white one the Scout Map, light blue one the Compass and yellow one the Bracelet. An image of each one of the items to gather is also shown.

  • Brief: Retrieve 6 lost items for Lucas
  • From: Lucas Hardy
  • Location: Hatchwood Wilds
  • Prerequisites: SM0001 completed
  • Objectives:
    • Collect Lucas's lost items. (6/6)
    • Return Items to Lucas
  • NPC: Hey, you would know I still owe you for paying off my bill. I've been gathering up ore for quite some time now.
    But wouldn't you know it, a Hookbill snatched my Scout Bag and scattered all my stuff across the forest. I'll go hunt down the gold ore if you can find my supplies. Sounds like a plan?
    You're too nice kiddo, you have to learn to say NO sometimes. Hey, but i really appreciate it.
    I'll need my Scout Bag and its contents. I believe there was a First Aid Kit, a Flare, a Map, a Compass...
    oh, and a Bracelet... make sure you find the Bracelet. We will meet back here when we have everything, okay?
  • Reward: 50 Gold Ore, A New Sprocket (Captain Meelie: The Injury), 22 XP

Captain Meelie/Lucas Hardy Chain

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