• Brief: Collect 40 Honeycombs for Cypress
  • From: Cypress
  • Location: Etherea
  • Prerequisites: CY0054 completed, 1 Hivehat killed, CMG0001 not active.
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: I was just checking my research to see which Mimics we haven't studied, and we're on a roll -- we also have only one Mimic from the Hatchwood Wilds left to study! Are you up for hunting down some Hivehats to close another chapter of our Mimicology research? Some honeycomb should be left behind when a Hivehat combusts, so try to gather 40 of these and let me know when you've found enough!
  • Reward: A New Sprocket (Mimics of Hatchwood Wilds: Hivehat), 50 XP, 3 Very Berry Jams

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