Hazegrub locations

Each red dot marks a Hazegrub. 12 are located in Thicket Woods, 8 in Camp Calluna and 10 in Charred Forest.

  • Brief: Kill 30 Hazegrubs
  • From: Captain Meelie
  • Location: Hatchwood Wilds
  • Prerequisites: Hatchwood Wilds completion.
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: Hey there, I just saw something curious over the Hatchwood Wilds, and was wondering if you'd wanna check it out. I had just dropped off some troops at the main Ether Coil in the forest, and as I was flying over I noticed some weird grub Mimics I'd never seen before. I couldn't quite tell from up in the airship, but it looked like some of 'em were leaving a trail of Haze behind when they flew about. Feel like heading into the Wilds and getting a closer look? Lets head over to the Hatchwood Wilds, and you can see what the Hazegrubs are like. If I wasn't just seeing things and you do find some, how about you hunt down 30 Hazegrubs to get a feel for what they're like. I'm sure Cypress would appreciate hearing about 'em when you're done. I'd go tell him about them now myself, but I'd rather someone see them up close first. When you've hunted some down, let me know!
  • Reward: 100 BrassCoin Brass, 3 Dandelion Fizz
  • Notes: Hazegrubs are only available during this Quest at this time.

Captain Meelie/Lucas Hardy Chain