White dot is Chief MacGregor, orange dots are the other Rooks who require the cure, and red dots are extra Hivehat locations during the quest.

  • Notes: You will need to get 10 Honeycombs by killing Hivehats, which will drop them with a (close to) 100% rate (until the player collects 10). In addition you will need to grow 5 Ginger and 3 Turmeric Roots to make the final cure, 7 Teabags that have to be delivered to the Rooks in the Hatchwood Wilds. It should also be noted that during this quest, Hivehats in certain locations will respawn every time you re-enter the room, even after getting all 10 Honeycombs, but they will stop respawning like this if you get all the other ingredients. One of them is right outside the Deep Forest checkpoint, which makes getting the 10 Honeycombs that much easier and opens up a great opportunity for Trophy farming. Since Hivehats also are more likely to drop Firewood, this provides an excellent opportunity to also farm wood for quests requiring the Blast Furnace.

Madame Bristlecone/Hawthorn/Gardening Chain

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