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Full Name: Hawthorn
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Unknown
Class: Ferric
Role: Calluan Warrior
Ferric Memorial attendant
Location: Camp Calluna (before MB0005)
West End Ruins (after MB0005)

Hawthorn is one of the Ferric warriors from the Hatchwood Wilds, he is chiefly responsible for protecting the Steamport City Memorial. He was awarded this honor by Madame Bristlecone who sought a skilled warrior who would carry on the traditions of Great Ferronism as well as protect the sacred site from harm. He is also a talented gardener, and has set up a handful of Planter Boxes outside of the Shrine to encourage others to grow plants. Because of his duties at the Memorial, however, he can't always make it to the water pump to water things left in the boxes.

Original LocationEdit

Before moving to Steamport City, Hawthorn was a resident of Camp Calluna and one of the Ferric Village's fiercest warriors.

Hawthorn Location

The red dot shows the initial location of Hawthorn in Hatchwood Wilds. The blue dot shows his location in Steamport City.

Selling Water CansEdit

After finishing the Water Can Thief (HT0002) quest Hawthorn sells Extra Water Cans to the player for 625 BrassCoin Brass, which can make Gardening more convenient.

The option to buy an extra water can only appears if you have enough Brass and are not currently growing anything in any of the planter boxes.


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