• Brief: Help Madame Bristlecone deliver letters to Hawthorn and Chief Juniper
  • Objectives:
    • Deliver letters to Hawthorn and Chief Juniper (2/2)
    • Return to Madame Bristlecone
  • Description: Hello there, young [name]. Have you felt the cool breeze on your face when you travel down below? The Great Ferron is stirring up the winds of Autumn, and once again it is time for the Hatchwood Harvest. With so few safe places on the ground, our harvest is not what it used to be, but we must make do with what little we have. I need a strong [class] like you to deliver letters to my fellow Ferrics on the ground, asking for the bounty of the Harvest for all of our brave warriors here in Nidaria. Would you be kind enough to help?
  • Location: Nidaria, Hatchwood Wilds and Steamport City
  • From: Madame Bristlecone

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