The blue dot is the Ferromimic, the red dot the Aeromimic and the yellow dot the Flybeast.

  • Brief: Defeat the guardians in Deadrock Canyon
  • From: Admiral Stanton
  • Location: Deadrock Canyon
  • Prerequisites: Mission 30 completed.
  • Objectives:
    • Defeat the mimic bosses
  • NPC: We've got a situation on the ground: It seems humanoid mimics and guardians have been appearing in different locations, and more often than usual. Right now we have reports of two humanoids and a Guardian in Deadrock Canyon. You'll need to use the Canyon checkpoint in Ridgeback Highlands, That's the only way to access the area where the mimics have stationed themselves. They may be stronger than the last breed you originally fought, so I'd be careful.
  • Reward: 50 Brass, 50 NP, 3 Digestive Biscuits, and 1 Earl Grey Tea

For the first one, walk all the way to the left, and he will be unable to get to you. Do watch out for the Stinkstrider and the Stinger.

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