Each yellow dot marks a Voltmeter, with an attached picture

  • Brief: Gather 11 Punch Cards from Voltmeters in the Hatchwood Wilds
  • From: Beatrix
  • Location: Thicket Woods/Charred Forest
  • Prerequisites: BX0002 completed
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: I'm still a bit shaken up by that Stinkstrider stampede. I can barely bring myself to venture deeper into the forest, which isn't good because I have some Electrical Grid Readings that I have gather. Say... would you be at all interested in gathering some data?
    First make your way through the Thicket Woods and the Charred Forest. You will find 11 Voltmeters hanging from various ceilings. They are temporarily hooked up to the in-ground electrical grid. They should have some punch cards ready to be collected. All you need to do is give 'em a good smack and the card should pop out. Once you all 11, just bring 'em back to me and I will repay you for your generous help.
  • Reward: A new Sprocket (Electroneer: Beatrix), 23 XP, Ginger Ale

Otto von Tesla/Beatrix Chain

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