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In-game components mentioned in this article can only be accessed by current Nidarian Guards. Nidarian guards are the paying members of Remnants of Skystone.

EXP/CP at level 1*: 7
Health at level 1*: 1 hit
Attack at level 1*: 8
Defense: 0
Drops: Standard Drops
Locations: Steamport City
Hatchwood Wilds
Ridgeback Highlands
Notes: Can only be attacked while dusted by a sporeduster by hitting their back.
XP per Health: Could not calculate

Golembombers are a large, boss-type mimic that only take one hit to kill. They are the only boss mimic that shows up multiple times on a map. They only have one weak point, on their back, and if hit anywhere other than that point they will explode and send the player back to the most recent checkpoint they reached, without inflicting any damage. These mimics can only be killed when a player is 'sporedusted' by a sporeduster that is found near the drop points in all three main areas after getting the 'Golembombers!' quest from Otto von Tesla.

If a player is hit by any other mimic or does any damage to other mimics while the Golembomber is on screen, it will be alerted and impossible to hit for around twenty seconds.


Tips & AttacksEdit

The Golembomber walks a short while before stopping, which is the best time to get a good clean shot on their back.

Also, the sporeduster remains at the Drop Point as long as the quest is active, even if all 20 Golembombers have been defeated.

This can be useful for other quests in the same area.

Aeronaut, Ferric, and CragEdit

Just wait for the Golembomber to stop moving. Go ahead and shoot after it's stopped. It's also possible to hit while moving, but it's not recommended, especially on uneven terrain.

Additional InformationEdit

Sprocket DataEdit

Boss Mimics Golembomber

From Boss Mimics: Golembomber:

  • "Golembombers are armored, humanoid Mimics that arrive in massive raids. If an intruder gets too close, it will self-destruct, decimating the entire area. Its only weak point is the Haze pouch on its back."

Quest RelevanceEdit

  • Otto von Tesla gives the quests "Golembombers in Steamport City" (OT0008) "Golembombers in Hatchwood Wilds" (OT0008), and "Golembombers in Ridgeback Highlands" (OT0008), in which the player is required to search the map for 20 Golembombers and eliminate them.
Steamport GBs

All of the possible Golembomber locations in Steamport City. Red X indicates a room that will never have a GB, Green O indicates a room that may have a GB, Yellow Questionmark indicates a room that has not been confirmed yet.


Since this Mimic only appears in a Daily Quest given by Otto von Tesla, it's harder to farm the trophy for it than it is for normal Mimics. Currently, the only way to farm for the trophy is to do it every day.

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