Gold Ore
Gold Ore
Used to make Gold Bars and Attack Tubes.
Type Supply Item
Effects Material for Gold Bars and Attack Tubes
Source Fallen Mimics, LH0001
Buy Price N/A SporeLargeSpores
Sell ValueN/A SporeLargeSpores
Health per SporeN/A

This item can be used in the Blast Furnace. 10 of this item and 3 pieces of Firewood can be made into 1 Gold Bar.

This item can be used by Nidarian Guard subscribers together with Etherite Geodes to make Attack Tubes at Victory Labs.

Quest RelevanceEdit

  • 50 pieces of Gold Ore are required to make 5 Gold Bars for the sidequest "Late Payment" (SM0001) assigned by Sycamore.
  • 50 pieces of this item are also a reward for completing the "Hookbilled!" (LH0001) sidequest

Dropped byEdit

All mimics have a chance of dropping this ore but the following have the highest chance.

Farming RouteEdit

Gold Farming Route

Yellow squares indicate mimics that have a high chance to drop Gold.

One good route for farming Gold is displayed on the left. It has been suggested that a better route may be Checkpoint jumping.

Metal Ores
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