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  • Brief: Harvest five pumpkins for Hawthorn
  • Objectives:
  • Description: Hello again [player's name]. I could use some help growing plants to send along to Madame Bristlecone for the harvest. I hear my fellow Calluans have been growing pumpkins for the Hatchwood Harvest, so I'd like to send some pumpkins from the Memorial garden as well. If you could lend a hand , I've got a special item of clothing that I'll give you for the help. Every year during the Hatchwood Harvest, we would give gifts of new scarves to one another in Camp Calluna, to keep warm in the chilly months ahead. Leatherleaf recently sent me one, along with an extra to give away to someone. If you could contribute 5 pumpkins to the harvest, I'd be happy to give you this harvest scarf as thanks. What do you say?
  • Location: Steamport City
  • From: Hawthorn
  • Reward: Harvest Scarf, 500 SporeLargeSpores
  • Prerequisites: Harvest Greetings (MB0008) completed, Empty Planter Boxes

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