Each red dot is a Metal Bracket , with an attached image.

  • Brief: Gather Supplies for Wystan
  • From: Wystan
  • Location: Gearlock Factory and Copperstone Mine
  • Prerequisites: MD0306 Completed, WY0003 Completed, CJ0002 not active.
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: Hey there, {player}. I hope you've seen the Gearlock furniture I've got in stock, I'm really proud of how these new designs turned out. The thing is, it takes a lot of supplies to put these things together, and I'm runnin' kinda low on parts to keep buildin' them.
    Could ya do me a favor and help me gather some metal and supplies? If ya got the time to help, I'll throw in a Gearlock Wide Table as a reward for ya, free of charge! What do ya say, {player}?
    I knew I could count on ya! OK, first thing's first: I'll need some more metal brackets to put these things together. I had another recruit make up a bunch at the Machine Press, but they weren't very reliable... I hear they ran into some Stiltskins in the factory and ended up scattering the brackets all around the factory.
    That fella hasn't brought back my machine die yet, so we'll just have to pick up all the ones that he dropped instead of makin' some more. So look around the Factory for 15 brackets, and come on back when you've found 'em all, and we'll go from there.
  • Reward: Gearlock Wide Table, A New Sprocket (Wystan: Intro), 30 XP

Wystan/Furnace Chain

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