Fungus Tentacle
Fungus Tentacle
EXP/CP at level 1*: 2
Health: 3 hits*
Attack at level 1*: 10
Defense: 0
Drops: 10 Geodes
Locations: Co-op Trailblazing
Notes: None.
XP per Health: Could not calculate

Fungus Tentacles are a type of Fungus that is found in Co-op Trailblazing missions. It cannot move from place to place but the tentacles flail wildly. It is able to be dealt damage at any side.


Tips & AttacksEdit

They don't do anything. They just sit there while you kill them. You can hit them from any direction as well.


Shoot it.


Hit it.


Whip it.

Additional InformationEdit

Sprocket DataEdit

No sprocket

Quest RelevanceEdit

Not involved in any quests

Trophy FarmingEdit

The Fungus Tentacle has no trophy.

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