Fungeye Core
Fungeye Core
EXP/CP at level 1*: 5
Health: 3 hits*
Attack at level 1*: N/A
Defense: 0
Drops: Nothing
Locations: Co-op Trailblazing
Notes: Stems which serve as a lock for the Fungeye's main eye.
XP per Health: Could not calculate


The Fungeye core is similar to the Stepper Mushroom. Three spawn at a time and must be killed to open the fungeye in order to kill it. The cores are not there while the eye is open but rather appear when the eye closes. When Fungeye closes some of the fungeye core changes its place.


Tips & AttacksEdit


Use your steampunk-tastic blasters to blast it three times.


Whip it with your exciting metal arm-powered whip.


Put those razor-sharp ferron beaks to good use and hack it to death.

Additional InformationEdit

Sprocket DataEdit

The Fungeye Core has no sprockets.

Quest RelevanceEdit

Is involved in trailblazing

Trophy FarmingEdit

The Fungeye Core has no trophies related to it.

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