The room with the rolling mill is circled in Blue, The room with the Hookbill is circled in Red

  • Brief: Help Wystan finish the Rolling Mill
  • From: Wystan
  • Location: Steamport City
  • Prerequisites: Steamport City cleared
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: Nidaria has been gettin pretty darn crowded. Not only is it making more work for me, but now Admiral Stanton is placing weight restrictions on Nidarian Decks. The first thing to go is my Rolling Mill. It's used to take chunks of metal and roll them into nice ol' sheets. This kinds process is used quite a bit in the makings of Blaster Cuffs. So the good news is that they're building me a big ol' one down in Steam City. The bad news is... well, now I got a whole mess of hoops I got to jump through just to get anything made around here.
    All right then. Let's get started. What I will need you ta do first is install this one last part into the machine. It's a Jaw Clutch, sort of aah... helps with all that rollin'. Next, I will need you to test it out. The Commander should have a brass bar that you can use to roll into a sheet of brass. Once ya do that, just come on back to me, and we'll see if I can't get ya something' nice for your trouble.
  • Reward: 10 XP, New Sprocket (Machines: Rolling Mill), Brass Table

Wystan/Furnace Chain

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